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Artist Graphics Netvision 3GA Driver

Promoting ability with interactive artistic environments, K Sá, A M Almeida, A Graphic interface of the videogame. .. graphics and modelling tools. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], When the prototype application was developed, the iPhone 3GS had. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: The Graphic Adventure; Wacky Wheels; Artist 3GA (NetVision i) My Collection of Graphics Cards. Artist 3GA (NetVision i) - 3DLabs Gaming Glint aka GiGi (Creative 3D Blaster VLB CT ) - Yamaha RPA YGV/YGV (Paradise.


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Artist Graphics Netvision 3GA Driver

Vintage 3D January This month nothing retro, I was working on my database.


Recently triangle setup rates became a bit interesting. I used these in one column with vertices transformation rates used for vertex shader era cards.

Once unified shaders came, the numbers exploded and I stopped filling them. And now we finally have chips scaling triangle rates above one per clock not necessarily rasterization.

Videocard virtual museum » NetVision i (Artist 3GA)

I wanted to put this in, so the values are finally divided into separate columns. As usual, the values are theoretical peak.

For cards without setup engine, maximal triangle throughoutput will be used in that column. I certainly made mistakes when refilling them from top to bottom, but it will get fixed later. No promises on new content, time will tell.

October All articles were spell checked, things should be quite less embarrassing now. There are some new charts for my database, drawing single parameter for a time range of all the cards.

Artist Graphics NetVision 2500i

I might draw some more interesting trends later. August I really wanted to expand the functionality of this site over summer.

After a dive into stinky php I found out mysql queries are failing whenever there are any quotes in them. I can't find a solution to this madness, but at least I finally know what the problem is. I managed to get one more or two more games running with them.

Langage de programmation - Assembleur 80x86 - Affichage - Introduction

Older news February New data in database: These parameteres are getting more attention recently, so I will try to collect them. More columns to come.

Plan for next month: January This month I was looking back at Matrox cards, for two good reasons. Firstly new documentation that allowed me to drop few details on their architecture, secondly I got most of low resolution tests working.

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  • Specifications

Last missing data is from x, which I could get to work only with G This came from supposed inheritance of divider by 3 used for older cards, and tools like Powerstrip are counting on it. Artist Graphics Netvision 3GA optional divider of 2 would explain how can my two G cards with very different system and memory clock perform as they do.

NETVISION I, NETVISION I video card Settings and Configuration

I don't see any other reasonable explanation, so cards tested are now considered to have a lot more rational chip clocks of 62,5 or 66 MHz. December Never enough time.


But this month I finally reviewed card with Permedia chipset, and it was quite a battle with driver, no wonder others gave up on her. That was another missing piece in the puzzle, that is now almost complete. Almost, Artist Graphics Netvision 3GA good luck in

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