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Advantech PCI-1601AU Driver

Universal bit Driver for ICOM PCI cards Date: 11/3/ AM; Universal bit Driver for ICOM PCI cards. The F/W version is V Documents. Advantech Co., Ltd. reserves the right to make improvements in the products described in this . 11 Figure PCIAU/BU Silk Screen. Driver for advantech serial boards. Supported models: PCIU-A / PCIA-AE / PCIB / PCICU / PCIAJU-AE / PCI


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Advantech PCI-1601AU Driver

Select Port dialog box Figure 4.


Modem Connections Table 5. Sections include: The board requires only one PCI slot within the personal computer and provides independent serial channels. And, Advantech PCI-1601AU channels may also share one PCI interrupt.

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An interrupt status register is available for determining the interrupt source. This single-chip solution replaces five or more integrated circuits used in today products, giving Advantech PCI-1601AU, cost and size advantages for new designs.

PCI bus specification 2. Asynchronous, full duplex Baud-rate: Card PCIB: It should be free of marks and scratches and in perfect working order on receipt.

PCI-COMM Series. Industrial Serial Communication Cards. User Manual

As you unpack the PCI communication card series, check it for signs of shipping damage damaged box, scratches, dents, etc. If Advantech PCI-1601AU is damaged or it fails to meet specifications, notify Advantech PCI-1601AU service department or your local sales representative immediately.

Also notify the carrier. Retain the shipping carton and packing material for inspection by the carrier.

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After inspection we will make arrangements Advantech PCI-1601AU repair or replace the unit. When you handle the PCI communication card series, remove it from its protective packaging by grasping the rear metal panel.


Keep the antivibration packing. Whenever you remove the card from the PC, store it in this package for protection.

Advantech PCIUP Manuals

Advantech PCI-1601AU your body s static electric charge by Advantech PCI-1601AU the back of the grounded chassis of the system unit metal before handling the board. You should avoid contact with materials that hold a static charge such as plastic, vinyl and styrofoam. Handle the board only by its edges to avoid static damage to its integrated circuits.

Avoid touching the exposed circuit connectors. We also recommend that you use a grounded wrist strap and Advantech PCI-1601AU the card on a static dissipative mat whenever you work with it. It Advantech PCI-1601AU the card default configuration and your options for each jumper How to Set Jumpers You configure your card to match the needs of your application by setting jumpers.

A jumper is the simplest kind of electric switch. It consists of two metal pins and a small metal clip often protected Advantech PCI-1601AU a plastic cover that slides over the pins to connect them.

To close a jumper you connect the pins with the clip. To open a jumper you remove the clip.

PCI-COMM Series. Industrial Serial Communication Cards. User Manual - PDF

Sometimes a jumper will have three pins, labeled 1, 2 and 3. In this case you would connect either pins 1 and 2 or Advantech PCI-1601AU and 3. You may find a pair of needle-nose pliers useful for setting the jumpers. Advantech PCI-1601AU you have any doubts about the best hardware configuration for your application, contact your local distributor or sales representative before you make any changes. Figure 2.


How to Set Jumpers 29 Advantech PCI-1601AU 2 40 2. If you need to change these settings, however, see the following sections.

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Otherwise, you can simply install the card. Table 2. They are the card default settings.

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