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AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink Driver

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AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink Driver

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In the s, multispectral optical modems were adopted as well. A standard modem of today is what would have been called a "smart modem" in the s. AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink contain two functional parts: This functionality is actually incorporated into a single chip, but the division remains in theory.

In operation the modem can be in one of two "modes," data mode in which data is sent to and from AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink computer over the phone lines, and command mode in which the modem listens to the data from the computer for commands, and carries them out. A typical session consists of powering up the modem often inside the computer itself which automatically assumes command mode, then sending it the command for AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink a number.

After the connection is established to the remote modem, the modem automatically goes into data mode, and the user can send and receive data. One problem with this method of operation is that it is not really possible for the modem to know if a string is a command or data. When the modem misinterprets a string, it generally causes odd things AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink happen.


The commands themselves are typically from the Hayes command set, although that term is somewhat misleading. Hayes was much slower upgrading to faster speeds however, leading to a proliferation of command sets in AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink early s as each of the high-speed vendors introduced their own command styles. Things became considerably more standardized in the second half of the s, when most modems were built from one of a very small number of "chip sets," invariably supporting a rapidly converging command set.


We call this the Hayes command set even today, although it has three or four times the numbers of commands as the actual standard. In this system the stream of 1s and 0s in computer data is translated into sounds which can be easily sent on the phone lines.

In the Bell system the originating modem sends 0s by playing a Hz tone, and 1s at Hz, with the answering modem putting its 0s on Hz and 1s on Hz. These frequencies were chosen carefully, they are in the range that suffer minimum distortion on the phone system, and also are not harmonics of each other. For the F leased line version, internal strapping selected originate or answer operation.

For dial models, the selection was determined by which modem originated the call. AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink was so slow and simple that some people were able to learn how to whistle short bits of data into the phone with some accuracy. By comparing the phase of the two signals, 1s and 0s could be pulled back out, for instance if the signals were 90 degrees out of phase, this represented two digits, "1,0," at degrees it was "1,1.

It was at AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink point that the difference between baud and bit per second became real.

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This led to a series of flame wars on the BBSes of the s. Increases in speed have since used increasingly complicated communications theory. The Milgo introduced the 8 phase shift key concept.

This could transmit three bits per signaling instance baud. The next major advance was introduced by the Codex Corporation in the late s. Here the bits were encoded into a combination of amplitude and phase, known as Quadrature Amplitude Modulation.

AT&T V.34 28.8 DataLink visualized as a two dimensional "eye pattern," the bits are mapped onto points on a graph with the x real and y quadrature coordinates transmitted over a single carrier. This technique became very effective and was incorporated into an international standard named V.

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The standard was able to transmit 4 bits per baud, at a rate of baud, giving an effective bit rate of bits per second. The carrier frequency was Hz.

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