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Argox CP-2140M PPLA Driver

Aqui você pode fazer o download do driver para argox cp ppla. Argox CP PPLB Argox OSD PPLA A rgox OSD PPLA 9. Argox OS Plus label printer. Drivers with Unicode fonts do not show. CPU Type, 32 bit RISC microprocessor. Emulation, CP, PPLA, PPLB. Memory, 8 MB DRAM and 4 MB Flash ROM. Operation Interface, LED indicator  Printing Resolution‎: ‎ dpi(8 dots/mm.


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Argox CP-2140M PPLA Driver

LED Indicators: Check the cutter or recover paper jam. Only applicable when cutter mode to cutter mode.

Argox CP-2140 Barcode Printer

Cutter has failed, or there is paper jam inside the cutter. Other possible hardware errors.


Contact the reseller for further service. Once it completes, the printer will automatically resume the printing tasks sent previously. Close the printer module and then press firmly at both the left and the right of printer module to properly latch. Press FEED Argox CP-2140M PPLA to resume printing. As soon as all the data has been received, Ready LED will stay solid green and automatically resume normal operation.


Check if the communication cable serial is connected securely to your serial port on the PC and Argox CP-2140M PPLA the connector on the printer at the other end. Check if the printer power is turned on. If the data has been sent, but there is no output from the printer.

Argox CP Desktop Label Printers / Barcode Printer

Check the active printer driver, and see if Seagull driver for your Windows system and the label printer has been selected. Vertical streaks in the printout usually indicate a dirty or faulty print head. Refer to the following examples. Clean the print head.

Argox CP Barcode Printer at Rs /piece Argox Cp ID:

If the problem persists, replace the print head. The ribbon may not be qualified. The media may not be qualified. Adjust the Darkness heat temperature.

Slow down the print speed. Refer to the next chapter and clean the related Argox CP-2140M PPLA parts. Recovery After correcting problems, simply press the panel button or restart the printer to continue your print jobs.


Make sure the LEDs are not blinking and remember to resend your files. A variety of interface options are suitable for versatile applications: You must insert the power supplys barrel connector into the power jack on Argox CP-2140M PPLA back of the printer before connecting communication cables.

Use of longer cables or unshielded cables may increase radiated emissions above Class A limits. The USBs plug and play design makes installation easy.

The other end of the signal interface cable connects to a serial port on the host computer. For technical and pin-out information, please refer to the Technical Reference, Interface Specifications in this manual. Parallel Interface Requirements The Argox CP-2140M PPLA cable IEEE compliant is recommended must have a standard pin parallel connector on one end, which is plugged into the parallel port located on the back of the printer.

The other end of the parallel interface cable connects to the printer connector at Argox CP-2140M PPLA host computer. Serial and Parallel Cabling Requirements Data cables must be of fully shielded construction and fitted with metal or metalized connector shells. Furthermore, the model is equipped with an inbuilt dock-station on the top facet for the connection Argox CP-2140M PPLA a single 3.

Edition Review The demand for a separate graphics solution relies greatly on its performance in correlation to its price.

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