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AnMo DinoLite Plus Driver

Digital Microscope Dino-Lite. DinoCapture Version , All Dino-Lite USB Series. 8; 7; Vista; XP Dino-Lite Plus, AMS /AM /AMH Series. Anmo Dino-Lite Backlight BL-ZW1 - Microscopes. Anmo Dino-Lite Backlight BL-ZW1. AnmoMicroscopes. Art-Nr Delivery date unknown. Over 16 users downloaded software by AnMo Electronics Corporation. See developer information and full Dino-Lite Plus and Pro. FREE. Download. Dino-Lite.


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AnMo DinoLite Plus Driver

Switzerland. Dino-Lite. digital microscope. User Manual. EN - User Manual.

The focus AnMo DinoLite Plus the image depends on the distance to the object. Once you have focused on the object, you can read the magnification rate achieved from the number next to the symbol. The magnification lock is particularly useful for repetitive inspection at a given level of magnification. Dino-Lite models with the AnMo DinoLite Plus T in their product name have a Microtouch function at the cable end of the device. Models with the letter Z in their product name have a polarization function, that can be controlled by turning the adjustable cap.

Models with the letter L operate at a longer working distance. These models only achieve AnMo DinoLite Plus at some distance from the object. Align the red lines on cap and frontend of the Dino-Lite to remove or place the cap, then turn the cap degrees.

Some caps are designed to be clicked onto the microscope. In this case, there is no red line on the cap. The DinoEye models are designed as a AnMo DinoLite Plus of the existing ocular of a traditional microscope.

Imaging Devices - AnMo - DinoLite Plus and Pro Computer Driver Updates

The U model is intended to be placed over 5. Models with the letters TW have the macro zoom function. Files manage files, such as AnMo DinoLite Plus, copy, save, print or delete as well AnMo DinoLite Plus send as or create slide show. Settings customize the way the software operates such as: Showing or hiding elements on the screen The properties for measurements The way the Microtouch or foot pedal if attached work Accessing the Motorized focus accessory settings Connecting over IP Bar code recognition function External GPS Auto update function Help access the full user guide on screen, or read DinoCapture 2.

Copy copy a selected picture to the windows clipboard. Save as save selected picture s to the desired file format or folder. Print AnMo DinoLite Plus the selected picture. Slideshow run a slideshow of the selected pictures. Delete clean up the image thumbnail gallery by deleting the selected picture AnMo DinoLite Plus. Draw tools The draw tool set allows you to write text and draw on the images.

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The bar is located below the preview window management bar. The double flash icon gives you access to the grid and ruler settings.


The measurement and calibration feature is only available for certain models. For the DinoEye models, it is recommended to make calibrated measurements only.

Click and drag to form one section of distance, click again to start another section. Continue until the total desired distance is measured.

Dino lite driver for windows 7

Double click to finish. Create a line to represent the base by clicking once to start, drag, and then click again to set the endpoint. Branch off from AnMo DinoLite Plus base line to start measuring the line that is 90 degrees from the base line and AnMo DinoLite Plus final click to finish the measurement. Click and drag to form the desired length, and click again to start the next section.

Switzerland. Dino-Lite. digital microscope. User Manual. EN - User Manual. - PDF

When finished, double click to finish the polygon measurement. Click and extend out to the desired radius. Click and extend out to the desired dia-meter.

Click on any three points on the circle you wish to measure. Click on three consecutive points on an arc to measure. Select two points from one line segment and another AnMo DinoLite Plus points from another line segment to complete the angle measurement. After drawing at least two circles, select the icon and the mouse pointer will change to a pointing finger for selectable circles.


Click on each circle and the software will measure the distance. The pitch will match the magnification inputted.

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