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56K External Modem[CL] Driver

Ambient 56K bps External (MD) Modem (1). Ambient 56K External MODEM (1). Cirrus bps Business Audio Internal (CL-MDUN) Modem (2). 56!! bps P0 0ard modem between battery I Digital line, _ - protects high" in a matter of minutes 56K modems are capable cl 56K bps downloads. however. lSDN V laxmodem external DataBurst ISDN U interface external. Linx Modems 56K PCMCIA Modem[CL] Free Driver Download for Windows 56K External Modem[CL] Driver · 56K Internal Modem[CL] Driver.


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56K External Modem[CL] Driver

But just in case I was wrong … lets take a look inside.

It carries a serial number label, an Austel approval N and claims to be Made in China. It has just two rubber feet — a sign of the cost-reductions made.

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On one side of the modem, there is 3. The rear has a toggle switch for power, a 9V AC input 2. 56K External Modem[CL] unusual here, although the smaller DB-9 port suggests that this is a later modem — older modems typically had DB ports although there was no great need for the extra pins. The plastic itself has crazed over the years, exhibiting some fine almost radial cracking.

As it 56K External Modem[CL] missing a power supply, I managed to dig up a 9V AC 1A power supply that I got from a liquidator a long time ago. Teardown Removing the two feet exposes two screws that hold the casing together.

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With the casing apart, we can peer inside. The line interface is rather traditional, using a transformer hybrid and a reed relay to connect the line.

This means that there is not going to be any firmware updates for this unit by uploading through the serial interface — any updates will require a change of the two socketed chips. It seems to be 56K External Modem[CL] low-cost way to deploy the firmware short of creating mask-programmed ROMs.

As for using two of the chips — maybe they needed to meet 56K External Modem[CL] particular databus width, or maybe it was cheaper than using one larger device. The PCB appears to be two-layer, with a date of Week 12 of Testing Testing of the modem shows that it is still functional.

Issuing the regular AT commands and making a test call … ati1 CD Serial P. OK atdt The firmware appears to have a lot of roots from Cirrus — this is where I 56K External Modem[CL] learnt that Ambient was spun out of Cirrus, and later acquired by Intel. As a result, I was never able to obtain any in-call statistics.


One fascinating result of examining the modem was that this modem 56K External Modem[CL] to be capable of X2 as well. I thought that X2 was practically restricted to US Robotics equipment and I never really recall it being available on anything else.


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