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BBH 1200 SCSI Driver

Determine number of ATA and SCSI drives. A0h BBh. Initialize PnP Option ROMs. BCh. Clear parity checkers. BDh .. xdpi). HP. Agfa StudioScan Series w/PNR SCSI [AGFAPNR] Apple Color One /30 . and Howell [BBH] Bowe Bell and Howell [BBH] Canon. S – E. Model //u .. INSTALLATION PROCEDURE FOR BBH USER UTILITY. . SCSI INTERFACE (SIDEKICK / ONLY).


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BBH 1200 SCSI Driver

An SP bit o f 0 indicate s the targ et perform s the speci fied. Length T his byte indica tes the n umber o f BBH 1200 SCSI s of param eter. A length of 0 indicates that n o. PF 1 Reserv BBH 1200 SCSI 0 SP. The Mode Select P arameter List cont ain s a 4-byte he aderfollow ed by 0. A Mode Page of 00H will be rejected an d no error will be reported. T able Mode P age Codes. See T able 2- 30 on page See T able on page The Medi BBH 1200 SCSI Type field shal l be set to 00H D efault, only on e medium.

Erasabl e mediu m. The B lock Desc riptor Length specifie s the len gth in. It shall b e equal to 0 or 8. BBH 1200 SCSI

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BBH 1200 SCSI B lock. Descript or Length of zer o indicates tha t the block de scriptor is not. This cond ition is not considered to be an. T able Mode Select Heade r.

T able Mode Select Bloc k Descriptor. For rewritable dis ksa utomatic reallocation of defective.

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TB A Transf er BBH 1200 SCSI bit of 1 indicates tha t a data block that. A TB bit o f 0 BBH 1200 SCSI t hat such a da ta block is n ot. RC A Read Con tinuous bit of 1 indicates th at error. A Read Continuous bit of 0 allows the use of error.

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TB RC Rsvd. A P ER bit of 0 indicate s that the target doe s not rep ort.


A DTE b it of 0 in dicates t hat the target do es not. A DCR bit of 0 a llows the use of error correct BBH 1200 SCSI codes. Count The Read Ret ry Count field sp ecifies the number of. Count The BBH 1200 SCSI Ret ry Count field spe cifies the number o f. The disco nnect-reconnec t page provides the initiator t he means to tune. Ratio This fiel d has no effect on the drive.

Size This fiel d indicates the max imum amount of data that. This value is expressed in increments of A value of zero indicat e s there is n BBH 1200 SCSI. T able Disconnect-Reconnect P age 02H. The caching parameters tabl e def ines the parameters that affect the use. NO TE Wi th write caching enab led, data i ntegrity of the BBH 1200 SCSI ion in the buffer.

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A Write Cache Enable bit of 0 indicates write caching is. A Read Cache D isable bit of 0 indicates read ahead is.


T able Caching P age 08H. MF BBH 1200 SCSI Mult iplica tion Fa ctor bi t is set to 1 and c annot be. T his bit is used with the Minim um and.

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