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AudioQuest Dragonfly Red Driver

AudioQuest - DragonFly Red USB DAC/Headphone Amplifier: : Electronics. DragonFly Red is a USB digital-to-analog converter (DAC) designed to deliver cleaner, clearer, more naturally beautiful sound from any computer, smartphone. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for AudioQuest Dragonfly Red USB DAC - Amp3 Clearance OFFER at the best online prices at eBay!


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AudioQuest Dragonfly Red Driver

But hook a pair of great headphones straight into an iphone without a DragonFly and be warned, you are missing out!

Sevenoaks Sound and Vision - AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

Is it good value for money? I am lucky to own a pair of open Grado AudioQuest Dragonfly Red astounding headphones. I have a good AudioQuest Dragonfly Red of reference in terms of what a good audio component should sound like, and at what point spending money on sound has diminishing returns. Is it better than X,Y,Z?

It doesn't matter. So what's more important is how practical it is vs it's competitors - and what does it cost.

Review: AudioQuest DragonFly - Red or Black? - Headfonia Headphone Reviews

My AudioQuest Dragonfly Red is - buy this one. Note 1: Many people buy this device as a stereo DAC - I haven't bothered trying it on my stereo because I will never use it as such.

Note 2: I haven't compared this extensively against the Mojo. During 1 hour of comparing it against my Mojo at a store, when played back to back I found the Mojo to be significantly more realistic on my favourite songs - but I never missed the Mojo AudioQuest Dragonfly Red I travelled for 10 days abroad listening to the Dragonfly.

Instead I was liberated from cables and from charging yet another device. At home, the Mojo is the amp AudioQuest Dragonfly Red choice.

Audioquest DragonFly Red USB DAC

Note 3: The entire review is based on my experience with the Shure SE headphones. I have not done extensive listening with the AudioQuest Dragonfly Red Grados'. The Grado's might be more revealing to the DragonFly's short-comings vs the Mojo.

Again that doesn't bother me because AudioQuest Dragonfly Red Grado's are "open air" and that doesn't work outdoors - so the comparison is pointless. I've used the Dragonfly v1.


I was very happy with the sound quality so although I was aware of the Dragonfly Red I hadn't bothered to AudioQuest Dragonfly Red. AudioQuest is on a roll, so the DragonFly Black and Red are easy to recommend to audiophiles seeking better sound, without spending a lot of cash. Xbox boss confirms Project Scarlett will have a disc drive: Here's what else we know about the upcoming console, including 8K graphics, fps and SSD. All the trailers you need to see are AudioQuest Dragonfly Red here!

Now come the DragonFly Black v1.


But whereas AudioQuest Dragonfly Red DragonFly does indeed plug into the USB jack of a computer, it is an audio device, not a storage device. Why bother? It tends to provide digital audio in a chaotic state, marred by jitter, or rampant timing errors that smear sound.

With showmanship both flamboyant and practical, the DragonFly logo lights up green for signals with a The Red drove the Audeze LCD-4 headphones adequately, although at the maximum output level the volume was slightly lower than I would like for some music. The AudioQuest Dragonfly Red also improves on the Black with significantly greater smoothness, ease, and warmth.

At 40kHz output is down by only a touch over 2dB. Pictured in Graph 2, above. THD was just under 0. That status made a big difference to stereo crosstalk as AudioQuest Dragonfly Red And noise.

AudioQuest DragonFly Red USB DAC / Preamp / Headphone Amp Bay Bloor Radio Toronto Canada

With the computer plugged in, the dBA noise level was AudioQuest Dragonfly Red bit-like — With the computer unplugged, it was an amazingly low — The character of the noise was quite different, too. When running on battery, the noise was a flattish floor at —dB from 20Hz to 40kHz. But with AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, it was sloping downwards, starting up near —dB at the bass end to join the battery-driven noise floor at —dB near 40kHz see above, in Graph 3.

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