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Financial Stability and Macroeconomic Balances: Financial Crises Arima MT10X Republic of Moldova: Banking System - Present and Perspectives. Industries Stock Return Reactions to Risk factors: Central Banks and Financial Markets.

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Currency, Financial System and Virtual Space. Moreover, by estimating some behavioural regimes characterising dynamics after in different groups of countries in EU we highlight potential future trends for main budgetary expenditures. Introduction Arima MT10X this Arima MT10X, based on a detailed analysis of the national economies in the EU, we consider, aside of two intensively used groups in literature eastern group, EU11, and old members group, EU15 or EU14 after Brexitthe following three groups of states: In our opinion, this typology reflects more correctly the differences between the Arima MT10X component economies.

Such classification we use for analysing the real convergence in EU.

According to the standard literature, we highlight that, as basic variable for the analysis of the real convergence process at macroeconomic or regional levelthe Gross Domestic Product per capita expressed by Arima MT10X power parity PPP must be used. In order Arima MT10X test the existence of a convergence or divergence trend, authors are using various indicators, among most commonly used is the coefficient of variation.


Moreover, to study the convergence process in matter of main budgetary spending education, health, and research we are estimating a number of behavioural regimes varying with their share in GDP. Arima MT10X Convergence in EU and Perspectives In order to measure the speed and the meaning of the convergence process, in specialised literature various indicators are used, among which the most commonly is the coefficient of variation, it expressing the reduction of the level of dispersion between states in the case of income per capita the Arima MT10X -convergence or in case of testing the hypothesis of some higher Arima MT10X of per capita income in less developed countries the so-called -convergence.

In the Arima MT10X study we will use the coefficient of variation, the magnitude of which expresses the degree of concentration at EU27 level or within the group of countries. Its downward dynamics signifies a convergence process, and when it is ascending indicates a process of divergence.

In contrast, the trajectory in case of the southern group, EU6S, shows a divergence process Arima MT10X downward trajectory represented by the dashed median line. In case of Arima MT10X group, 1 Institute for Economic Forecasting, Romanian Academy, Bucharest, Romania, 11 12 EU10NV, there was a slow convergence to the EU27 average the slightly downward trajectory represented by the dotted top line.

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Only fromthe convergence towards the EU average was resumed, with Romania's position continuously improving to According to estimations, trends from the previous period will continue, the convergence to the EU27 average of the Arima MT10X group, Arima MT10X, will advance, with average GDP per capita rising from For Romania, the projected growth is from However, the general trend of EU Arima MT10X is the result of different trends within the three groups of countries.

For the entire post period, there was a significant convergence trend within the Eastern group, EU11E, respectively within the Southern one, EU6S.


During the considered period, the value of variation coefficient decreased from Contrary, in case of the group of North-Western countries, EU10NV, the value of variation coefficient increased from 3. World Bank data and own computations see also, Albu, Replacing the time axis t by the Arima MT10X GDP per inhabitant y recorded during the analysed period could highlight, as it is shown in Figure 3, at least three behavioural regimes within EU, corresponding to Arima MT10X three groups Arima MT10X countries: First behavioural regime, characteristic to the Eastern group, EU11E, is placed on the left side the downward trajectory represented by the solid linecorresponding to a GDP per Arima MT10X below the average value for EU27 on the graphic, ymt27 means the EU27 average for the entire period, respectively Second behavioural regime, characteristic the Southern group, EU6S, is represented by the downward trajectory from the median part of figure the dashed linecorresponding to a value of GDP per capita located in the vicinity of the EU27 average respectively between thousand dollar PPP.

Third regime is represented by the dotted line located in the Arima MT10X side of the figure, corresponding to values higher than EU27 average. World Bank data and own computations see also, Albu, 3.


Trends in Budgetary Spending Arima MT10X Correlations with Growth in EU In case of less developed Arima MT10X of EU, as Romania today is, in Arima MT10X to achieve a favorable dynamics over the next period, a massive investment effort is needed. Under the current conditions of a tightening of competition and external conditions, a decisive source of this effort will have to be 13 14 the internal accumulation and the development of an efficient domestic capital.

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Apart from the economic investment effort itself, investment in education, health and research promoted by the state will be major directions for economic development Arima MT10X also for modern socio-human development. In terms of health, Romania is in the group of less developed European states. There is also a direct relationship between the health system and the general level of economic development, in Romania in the last years Arima MT10X is even relatively lower related to its general level of economic development.

On the graph is also presented as the continuous straight line the trajectory which can be considered as the equilibrium line of health expenditure. On this graph, for Romania, the two indicators are marked in and respectively. Although in the analyzed period, the share of GDP for health expenditure increased in Romania from 4.

Next, we will analyze in detail the correlation between the share of health expenditure in Arima MT10X and the level of GDP Arima MT10X capita.

World Bank data and own computations see also, Albu, 4.

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