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American Megatrends Enterprise III Driver

Re: AMI Enterprise III. Post by Amigaz» @ nice mobo:happy: the eisa cards are setup thru the eisa config util made for this. American Megatrends Enterprise-III Manual Online: Hard Disk Format Utility. Answer the questions on the screen. The first two questions are already completed. American Megatrends International (AMI) is an American hardware and software company, There are 3 ID string formats, the first for older AMIBIOS, and the second and third for the newer AMI Hi-Flex ("high flexibility") BIOS. . "AMI Corporate Headquarters Oakbrook Parkway Building Norcross, Georgia ".


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American Megatrends Enterprise III Driver

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Please see the Warranty Registration Card shipped with this product American Megatrends Enterprise III full warranty details.

Limitations of Liability In no event shall American Megatrends be held liable for any loss, expenses, or damages of any kind whatsoever, whether direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential, arising from the design or use American Megatrends Enterprise III this product or the support materials provided American Megatrends Enterprise III the product. Trademarks American Megatrends acknowledges the following trademarks: Intel and i are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation.

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American Megatrends, Inc. Series 68 Enterprise-III EISA Motherboard. User's Guide - PDF

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It is assumed that you have also licensed the rights to use the technical documentation for the Enterprise-III. This manual is not meant to be read by the computer owner who purchases a computer with the Enterprise-III motherboard. It is assumed that you, American Megatrends Enterprise III computer manufacturer, will use this manual as a sourcebook of information, and that parts of this manual will be included in the computer owner's manual. Technical Support If an Enterprise-III motherboard fails to operate as described or you are in doubt about a configuration option, please call technical support at Acknowledgments This manual was written by Vivek Saxena, Paul Narushoff, and Robert Cheng.

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Packing Slip You should have received: This buffering is totally transparent to the end user and preserves complete VL-Bus compatibility. It is easy to see how timing can be thrown off American Megatrends Enterprise III the additional load from devices on the VL-Bus. Therefore, the end user can install any type of VL-Bus-compatible Adapter Card on the system and still be certain of totally reliable operation. The VL-Bus Specification is a standard set of interface, architecture, timings, electrical, and physical specifications that permits all VL-Bus products to be totally interchangeable.

These types of adapter cards will fit in the VL-Bus expansion slots only.


The mounting hole locations permit the motherboard to be used with any AT chassis. The motherboard supports the following processors: See page for additional information about heat dissipation.

American Megatrends

High speed is set at time of manufacture to the processor speed 25, 33, 50, or 66 MHz. Low speed 8 MHz is simulated by adding extra cycles. The 70 ns SIMMs American Megatrends Enterprise III support fast page mode. Cache Memory The KB secondary external cache memory uses a write-through or write-back caching algorithm.

American Megatrends Enterprise III Up to 64 MB of system memory is cached. There are zero wait states for cache memory read and write for motherboards operating at speeds up to 33 MHz. Burst mode is supported.


In addition, processors have an 8 KB internal cache memory. All of system memory is cached in the internal cache memory.

Six of these expansion slots are EISA bus mastering slots. The other two slots are VL-Bus bus mastering slots. Of course, NMIs take precedence over the following hardware interrupts. The Enterprise-III supports refresh of system memory from channel microprocessors.


Page 45 3 Install memory. Page 49 4 Install upgradeable processor or math Page 53 coprocessor.

Page 56 6 Connect the power supply.

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