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ACPI Processor Container Driver

Processor, processor, -, Installs ACPI as the idle handler for Linux and uses Supports ACPI Container and Module devices to hotplug nodes,  ‎ACPI/pl · ‎ACPI dock · ‎ACPI/ThinkPad-special-buttons. I have a IBM x X5 running 4 E and 64 gigs of RAM with 3 terrabytes of internal HD storage. I have installed Unraid version -endmenu +config ACPI_CONTAINER + tristate "ACPI,PNP0A05 and PNP0A06 Container Driver (EXPERIMENTAL)" + depends on ACPI.


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ACPI Processor Container Driver

ACPI based system device hotplug framework []

The power cord can be removed and the system is safe for disassembly typically, only the real-time clock continues to run using its own small battery The specification also defines a Legacy state: The device states D0—D3 are device dependent: D0 or Fully On is the operating state. D1 and D2 are intermediate power-states whose definition varies by device. A device ACPI Processor Container assert power management requests to transition to higher power states.

Cold or Off has the device powered off ACPI Processor Container unresponsive to its bus. C0 is the operating state. C1 often known as Halt is a state where the processor is not executing instructions, but can return to an executing state essentially instantaneously.

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You need first to remove the memory device before removing a physical ACPI Processor Container if a hotpluggable memory device is connected to a hotpluggable physical processor. It may take a very long time to remove a memory device, so provide interface to cancel the operation.


This is important especially for memory hot-removal. This feature is useful for hardware fault management and power saving. The new ACPI based ACPI Processor Container framework is modelled after PCI hotplug architecture, which uses a hotplug driver to manage hotplug operations and different device drivers to manage individual devices.

Acpitabl.h header

However, as a user or programmer, we cannot control these, since we do not interact with the package directly, but we interact with the individual cores. The states are numbered starting from zero like ACPI Processor Container, C1… and P0, P1… The higher the number is the more power is saved.

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C0 means no power saving by shutting down something, so everything is powered on. P0 means maximum performance, thus maximum ACPI Processor Container, voltage and power used.


Halt, nothing is being executed, but it can return to C0 instantenously. Since it is not working ACPI Processor Container haltedP-states are not relevant for C1 or any Cx other than C0. Stop-Clock, similar to C1 but it takes longer time to go back to C0.

It can go back to C0, but it will take considerably longer time. All others are both a CC-state and ACPI Processor Container PC-state. There are also thread level C-states because of Intel Hyper-Threading.

However, the individual threads can only request C-states but power saving action only takes place when the core enters to that ACPI Processor Container. I will in general omit talking about Thread C-states and Hyper-Threading in this post.

Intel Processor Vendor-Specific ACPI

The descriptions of these states from the datasheet are: Flexible C-states to select Idle Power Level vs. The normal operation is at C0.


First, the clocks of idle core is stopped. I said almost because I guess there has to be something powered on to return back to C0.

As you might guess, CC-states and PC-states are not independent, so some combinations are impossible. Figure below summarizes this: On the other hand, if a core is completely powered down C8the package can still be at ACPI Processor Container if any other core is still running.

The number of subtypes of the eight C-state types

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