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Antelope Audio's new Zen Studio USB interface, however, raises the bar even further. It boasts 12 mic preamps on combi XLR/jack sockets. There are a further. In addition to its proven sound quality and versatility, Zen Studio comes with VEQ-1A, VEQA, UK, NEU-PEV & LANG PEQ2. Zen Studio’s secret weapon is the extremely powerful Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) device with massive hardware modeling capabilities. In this video review, Pro Tools Expert Technical Editor James Ivey takes a look at the new updated version of.


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Antelope ZenStudio Driver


No Thanks, I have my own cables Schedule Your Mod Please note Antelope ZenStudio you will need to ship your gear to arrive at our shop business days prior to your chosen date. Deposit Option: Add to Wishlist. Product added!

Browse Wishlist. I think it is Antelope ZenStudio to say that as a new product the Zen Studio has software that is perfectly functional but there is more to come and more to be done. EQ and Dynamics are a good start, though I think the compressor could be easier to use.

Antelope ZenStudio Reverb I understand is coming soon and delay would also be nice as would MS processing and, well, all the usual DSP stuff. Antelope says this is a box to go on the move with, hence the handle.

Antelope ZenStudio Only some items on stock - order quickly! Product images. These 5 vintage EQ models sound, behave and feel like the very real studio legends, which we all love.

Eight times more powerful than those used in similar devices it allows zero latency processing of multiple effects and mixers, enhancing your studio workflow like no other device on the market. Compressors and EQs all good or great so far. Antelope ZenStudio sound but The unit sounds brilliant, and Antelope ZenStudio plugs are definitely good and lots of them, and latency is indeed low, BUT.

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Sometimes using the software interface can feel like slippery ice. The routing page is not well explained conceptually, at least for me, and the way presets are handled is unfortunate and not Antelope ZenStudio.

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The unit is fully controllable using an intuitive desktop application on both PC and Mac, offering flexible signal routing and DSP-based effects alongside custom presets. The five EQ bands are fully parametric, and the outer two can be switched Antelope ZenStudio filter or shelving mode, while the dynamics section offers a Knee control and Antelope ZenStudio RMS and peak sensing options as well as the standard time constants, threshold, ratio and make-up gain. In my own work I very rarely use the DSP effects Antelope ZenStudio into interface control panel utilities, but assuming your requirements are limited to compression and EQ, these AFX Antelope ZenStudio should do everything you need for cue mixing and the like.


The mic preamps sound good, and on the monitoring side, the headphone amps are clear and loud. And in situations where you do need more than the 12 mic inputs built in — or your signals are too hot for them! Under Mac OS, Antelope ZenStudio sizes can Antelope ZenStudio be set by an audio application that is using the Zen Studio, and not from the control panel. On my Windows 7 machine, I Antelope ZenStudio unable to play back audio cleanly at all with buffer sizes of 64 or samples, no matter what the Streaming Mode was set to.

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This Mic Preamp Gain: Sample Rates 32, Dimensions approx. Spot a Better Price?


Call This proprietary technology makes the interface much faster and more powerful than competing devices. Now you can create and control multiple monitor mixes in realtime and also employ the sound of legendary studio Antelope ZenStudio classics, while exclusively working in-the-box.

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