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ADLINK DAQPilot Driver

Following this line of reasoning, ADLINK developed the DAQMaster configuration-based system manager software application and DAQPilot. DAQ-LVIEW PnP is replaced by DAQPilot. -- ADLINK PCI/PXI high-speed digitizer. -- ADLINK NuDAQ PCI-bus DAQ cards. ADLink Driver Software: DOS, Windows , Windows 95, Windows NT, Cards; For Digitizer and DSA and USB DAQ-Series use DAQ-LVIEW Plus; DAQPilot.


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ADLINK DAQPilot Driver


ADLINK DAQPilot Information listed in the matrix is intended to help you select the best board for your application. By entering a board model number in the main function panel at the top of the screen, you ADLINK DAQPilot obtain product information in the form of a datasheet or download relevant drivers, associated software, and the operation manual. Above the tree are two symbols key to its operation. One shows three horizontal parallel lines meant to represent a collapsed tree.

DAQ-LVIEW PnP–Software and Drivers–ADLINK

In the other symbol, the lower two lines are shorter than the ADLINK DAQPilot line and indicate an expanded tree. By selecting All Devices, the tree lists each board model grouped by category. ADLINK DAQPilot addition to working with actual hardware, you can select a virtual device that will mimic one of the 19 basic functions. Because of the way DAQPilot has been designed, regardless of the board model being used, its operation is covered by one of the 19 tasks.

ADLINK DAQPilot This means that you can develop your DAQ application and exercise it using a virtual device because the interface is the same as for a real board. Right-clicking on Virtual Device allows you to select a test panel that can be ADLINK DAQPilot to simulate your application. Categories supported include analog and digital input and output.

Right-clicking on one of them opens a list of actions from which you can add a new task; delete, modify, rename, or test the present task; and finally create C reference code for the task. If you choose to modify the ADLINK DAQPilot, DAQPilot will display a succession of panels to guide you through the process of describing the modifications; selecting the ADLINK DAQPilot DAQ hardware; and specifying the channel stype of waveform, and timing selections.

These items change depending on the chosen function: There are different parameters to specify for a digital output than for an analog input.


Otherwise, if you want to add a new task or modify the existing one, you should choose ADLINK DAQPilot Device from the top of the Device list presented on the Select Device and Channel panel. After a few parameters have been provided or their default values accepted, you can start an ADLINK DAQPilot test.

6 driver support for windows, Ud-dask, Daqpilot ADLINK USB User Manual Page 16 / 56

Based on the values you have entered, a test panel ADLINK DAQPilot a waveform representing a continuous analog output, for example. After configuring the recording options and graph settings, you can start acquiring and viewing data. ADLINK DAQPilot chose to look at the continuous analog output Polymorphic VI. When the VI is running, the block diagram is displayed as shown in Figure 2.


Click picture to enlarge As you might ADLINK DAQPilot, to generate an analog output you need to simulate an analog signal. Double-clicking on the block-diagram icon presents a ADLINK DAQPilot panel that includes phase, amplitude, frequency, type of waveform, and the capability to add white Gaussian noise.

Figure 3. By double left-clicking the Simulate Signal icon, you can change the type of waveform.

This could have ADLINK DAQPilot included as a user selection by adding an appropriate control to the front panel. The Polymorphic sub-VIs are much more complex in their operation.

Basically, a Polymorphic VI is an abstracted version ADLINK DAQPilot a VI that ADLINK DAQPilot several instances of the basic function but involving different aspects. For example, the first of the six Polymorphic sub-VIs defines the category of the waveform operation.

The second Polymorphic sub-VI resamples the simulated signal, handshakes with a digital input, or simply accepts the simulated ADLINK DAQPilot. Test panel to real-time ADLINK DAQPilot your configuration Users can test their DAQ setting real time before further programming with created DAQ task specification. DAQPilot test panel supports virtual device testing so you can test the application even before you install the DAQ device.

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