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AverMedia EB1304 Driver

Avermedia EB Manual Online: Playback Backup File(*.dvr), To Backup Recorded Video File. 1. Click Open File Button. 2. Select Backup File(*.dvr) And. AVerMedia AVerDiGi EBNET SATA + EBNET SATA User To run the application, click the icon on the Eb Net Sata&Sata+. AVerMedia EBNET:: Networked DVR, AVerDiGi EB NET IT Shop Online Computer ‎: ‎ BGN.


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AverMedia EB1304 Driver

The supreme cross platform design could satify from home-care to International Corporations. Users' video data could be protect better than before. It could help they to control AverMedia EB1304 situation faster than before.

Avermedia Technologies Eb1304 Mpeg4 Users Manual MPEG4+ EN CD Version

Press to go back to AverMedia EB1304 menu after adjustment. The microphone and speaker indicate that the audio is available.


The information below the screen shows the current date and time, recording mode record schedule settingand the percentage of the used hard disk space. Full Screen Preview AverMedia EB1304 mode Preview When you are in full screen preview, press the following buttons on the AverMedia EB1304 control to switch to different channel, or preview all 4 channels: Camera1 CH2: Camera 2 CH3: Camera 3 CH4: Camera 4 QUAD: Then, press or to make a selection.

Software averdigi eb net manual - PDF Files

Use the and buttons to move the selection AverMedia EB1304 the left and right. Then press or again to make the selection.

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To start video playback, the time in second must be set. Then press or.

Averdigi Eb1304 Net

Listed below are the following recording conditions: AverMedia EB1304 call out the OSD menu, press on the remote control. Use remote control to navigate in the OSD menu.

The red frame turns yellow when you are making a selection. Each channel is recorded only at a maximum frame rate of 15fps.

Refer to the table below for the available record frame rate settings. Refer to the table below to customize the The factory default password is The first time synchronize AverMedia EB1304 be 6 hours later after system power up.

AVerMedia Technologies DVR AVERDIGI EB User's Manual download free

When the daylight saving is enabling, the auto time synchronization will be stopped. END Setup daylight stop date and time.


For example: Eastern, the time offset is 1 hour. User AverMedia EB1304 set different switch time for each channel. To record sound, make sure the audio input device ex: See Chapter 7 12 Status bar Display the recorded AverMedia EB1304, time and play speed.

Click Open File button 3. Select the hard disk drive from Select Disk window and click OK.


Click Open File button. Locate the backup file folder and click OK. When open the backup video file, AverMedia EB1304 locate the where backup file folder is. And then, the Select Disk windows will appear as below:

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