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Asus X750JN Intel Chipset Driver

Attempted to boot up my Asus laptop this afternoon and it just stays a black screen. I can disassemble it to the motherboard if I need to, I just do not want I bought my Asus XJN laptop new in , and it never worked. For ASUS XLD Laptop Motherboard Rev With iU CPU Rev, For Asus XJN Laptop Motherboard With i7 CPU GTM 2GB DDR3 XJN. Purchase Asus parts like YAA0K0-OUAN0BX, ZBOXNANO-ADU, ZA_BIN2, za motherboard supports intel socket for 4th generation, Avl . XJN-DB71, xjn-db71 in hd ihqsyst 8gb 2tb dvdrw w8, Avl, RFQ.


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Asus X750JN Intel Chipset Driver

It suddenly wont start up even if i press the power button but displays the green light on. I cannot do the usual fix because my battery cant be removed.

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Integrated battery what to do? Pls help thanks.


Hello, I have the same problem when I push the power button the yellow light blink and again disappear and Asus X750JN Intel Chipset happen more I try three time but it doesn't work. Can you please give me another tip what should i do? One of the lesser known resets is to unplug, remove the battery and hold the power button for 60 seconds.

For ASUS X750jn Motherboard With I7-4700hq Processor 60nb0660-mb1110 Mainboard

Release and apply power forget the battery for a Asus X750JN Intel Chipset. I don't see model number or age so I can't check into other posts about your model or if it has a CMOS battery. Thanks, I tried that to remove any residual charge for about 30 seconds but no luck. I'll try again later tonight.

Also, can you supply the age and full model number so I can see what we are looking at? There's another battery in some of these. This worked!


Removed the battery, unplugged the laptop and waited about a minute. The laptop Asus X750JN Intel Chipset up normally without re-installing the battery. Thanks for info!! My wife is back on Facebook and I can watch basketball lol. Hi, this worked for me, as I had the same problem.

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My question now, is can I put my battery back in? I tried the solution you suggested but didnt work. Highly appreciate any other suggestion you have! When I plug the laptop on charging, I see the charging indicator near keyboard. Waiting for reply! This technique seemed to work Asus X750JN Intel Chipset anytime I power my laptop completely off I need to perform these steps again.

It just seemed to get a little more tricky each time and now it simply Asus X750JN Intel Chipset not power on correctly. Blank screen. I even left it unplugged oven night. I also tried different RAM and hard drive. Nothing I do will let me get it running again.

Do we know whats causing the issue, it seems to be a normal problem for these ASUS. I have the QA iQM. So I open the case get to the RAM.

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Remove the RAM and switch it out. And boot up like normal and that's all? Could you recommend some really high end ram I could exchange it for and will this RAM greatly improve gaming performance?. High performance Asus X750JN Intel Chipset is one of the least cost-effective upgrades possible. The most important thing about memory is having enough of it to avoid relying on the swapfile during normal use.

Most of the major manufacturers have similar warranties, so picking a recommendation is almost down to splitting hairs. LaoziSailor Honorable.

Nov 13, 5 0 10, 0. It's still in the 3 month warranty window so I'll wait. What really got me upset was that they would not explain WHY

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