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ASRock IMB-170-V Driver

Industrial Motherboard Mini-ITX motherboard with USB ASRock IMB produced, quality assurance. Spotlight Features: Socket G2 (rPGAB) for fIntel®. ASRock IMBx & x & x Intel Apollo Lake-I SoC Mini-ITX MB compatible * Design released . Jetway NFQ Intel i3, i5, i7 Socket LGA Mini-ITX MB compatible Compatible with MSI K9N6PGM2-V MicroATX AM2 MB. With respect to the contents of this documentation, ASRock does not provide . ASRock IMB / IMBE / IMB Jumper setting instruction Intel® Q . V. D. S. 1. CPU_FAN1. PCIE1. 1. JGPIO1. DC_JACK1. 1. LPC1. 1. VGA1. 1.


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ASRock IMB-170-V Driver

Line Out Bottom: ASRock IMB-170-V B: USB 2 B: USB4 B: Retain the shipping carton and packing materials for inspection. Never remove any of the socketed parts except at a static-free workstation. ASRock IMB-170-V the power supply is disconnected before installing or removing the motherboard to avoid physical injury and device damage To avoid damage from static electricity, never place the motherboard directly on carpet or similar surfaces Wear a grounded wrist strap when handling components Hold components by the edges and do not touch ICs Place uninstalled components on a grounded antistatic pad or the antistatic bag shipped with the component Getting Started 9 20 2.

Avoid over-tightening screws to prevent PCB damage.

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Dual Channel Memory ASRock IMB-170-V is disabled when only one memory module is installed. To install a memory module: Locate the DIMM slots on the motherboard.

Press the slot s retaining clips outward to unlock. Align the memory module on the socket, making sure that the module notch matches the slot rail. Insert ASRock IMB-170-V module firmly into the slot ASRock IMB-170-V the retaining clips snap back inwards and the module is securely seated.

ASRock IMB Motherboard DDR3L Memory RAM & SSDs

Getting Started 11 22 2. Check the card's documentation and perform requisite system configurations before installation.


Remove the ASRock IMB-170-V unit cover if the motherboard is installed in a chassis. Remove the bracket facing the destination slot.

Align the card connector with the slot and press firmly until the card is securely seated. Fix the ASRock IMB-170-V to the chassis with screws. Replace the system cover.

CMOS is powered by an onboard button cell battery. Power down and disconnect power from the ASRock IMB-170-V. Short pins on JP1.


Reconnect ASRock IMB-170-V and power up the system. After ASRock IMB-170-V up, remove the jumper cap from pins and reinstall it to pins Do not place jumper covers over headers and connectors to avoid permanent damage.

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For location on board, see Section 1. Note positive and negative pins positions before connecting the cables. Connect ASRock IMB-170-V the reset switch on the chassis front panel.

Connect to the power status indicator on the chassis front panel. Connect to the hard drive activity LED on the chassis front panel. ASRock IMB-170-V LED is lit when the hard drive is reading or writing data. Table Front Panel Connections While front panel design and layout may differ by chassis, the panel ASRock IMB-170-V has at least a power switch, reset switch, power LED, hard drive activity LED, and speaker.

When connecting, ensure cable and pin assignments are matched correctly.

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