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AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 Driver

View and Download AOPEN AK77 PLUS manual online. As AK77 Plus / AK77 Pro includes one AGP expansion slot for a bus mastering AGP graphic card. Expansion Slots. 1 x CPU 3 x DIMM pin 1 x AGP 4 x PCI 1 x shared PCI / CNR. Storage Interfaces. ATA -connectors: 2 x 40pin IDC. Internal Interfaces. 1. AOpen AX4BS Pro driver download for Motherboard/Mainboard page 1 You can find all AOpen AX4BS Pro For downloading AOpen AX4BS Pro Motherboard/Mainboard driver you should select some parameters, AOpen AK77 Pro(A)


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AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 Driver

AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 I have scraped components off mainboards in the past in the exact area, it was nice to see a warning for folks that have been lucky enough not to kill their new mainboard while installing a heatsink. The CMOS jumper is nicely marked with a red cap and is easy to get your fingers on.

Odds are, though, that you won't be needing it much, as we will show you later. Aopen has thrown in some extras here.

Still, this could allow you to hook up USB 2. Pictured here is one feature that I think every mainboard on the planet should be shipped with: I get mail from folks all the time that have killed their BIOS chip while flashing and end up dead in the water. It's marketed as a backup in case you get a virus that effects the first AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1, but you know as well as I do that bad flashing is the number one reason for having dually BIOSes.


It works this way: You might ask, "What if I screw that up too? The backup CMOS is read only and cannot be written to. We know because we tried.

AK77 Pro(A)-133

Also available from AOpen, although not included with our sample, is a backplate AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 that will allow you to engage the second BIOS via a three-position toggle switch without opening the case. The "middle" position on the toggle will effectively render your PC useless to anyone unaware of the switch, as it "removes" both BIOSes and the ability to boot the system.

Also, while I have not tried this, it seems very possible that you could be able to "hot flash" the primary BIOS chip with the secondary should you kill off the first. The AGP slot is one of the newer style ones that is being more widely used by the board builders.

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The VIA a northbridge is covered by a nice aluminum heatsink as you can see from the picture above. The heatsink has no clips which hold the cooler in place so I twisted it off and found that it is attached by thermal tape. AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 I have mentioned before I do not like the use of thermal tape on any components, even though the northbridge will not get very hot and does not require the best cooling it would be better if thermal compound was used.

I went ahead and removed the thermal tape and replaced the heatsink with Arctic Alumina epoxy Like I mentioned before the AK77 Pro A has ATA capabilities which is denoted on the southbridge of the motherboard. You can also see just to the left of the southbridge AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 is a chip missing.

AOpen AK77 Pro(A)-133 - motherboard - ATX - Socket A - KT266A Specs

This is where the RAID controller would be which is available on the plus version of the board. Both of the IDE and floppy connections are at the top of the board which is a good thing.


This feature which you can upgrade to is a backup BIOS that you can install which incase your motherboard is infected with a BIOS virus you will have a backup. This would also be a good feature for overclockers who flash AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 BIOS a lot, the only bad thing is that it is not included.

The jumpers on the board are very well laid out all in a line in one location, not all over the place like some other boards. There are also a lot of different jumpers which is nice, there is another optional upgrade which is the Dr.

[H]ardOCP: AOpen AK Mainboard Review

Again it would be nice if this was included, however that would raise the cost of the board. You also get Infrared jumpers, a fan header, front audio jumpers which is a cool addition, the system jumpers and the CMOS jumper. The motherboard has 3 connectors that will go to your CDROM devices if you decide to use the onboard sound. I used this while benchmarking the games which you will see AOpen AK77 ProA 4 in 1 results of later and listened to a few MP3s.

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