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AIRIS GEA N618 Driver

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AIRIS GEA N618 Driver

Who is your market?

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Send word comments to comment businessday. Said company was in the process of launching a new alcoholic beverage that was apparently going to blow the competition out of the water and smash sales records. The AIRIS GEA N618 from the brand manager is why I am writing this article today. Bear in mind that during my time in the AIRIS GEA N618, I had seen this very drink marketed as the drink of tough, working class bricklayers, satellite TV installers and window washers.

Targeting nonexistent customers: Where are all the 24 — 35 year olds in Nigeria with an annual disposable income of N1.


A simple look around shows the very stark and obvious reality that the overwhelming majority of young Nigerians in that age bracket are unemployed or underemployed. Statistically, a Nigerian making N, a month at the age of 40 is a very lucky person indeed. AIRIS GEA N618

Even I, who just about fit the supposed customer demographic profile at that time, would certainly never have been found in a bar after work cradling a bottle of the overpriced liquor in question, desperately hoping it would give me some personality. In AIRIS GEA N618 words, the personality and demographic profile that the brand manager built the entire campaign on was nonexistent. We were trying to AIRIS GEA N618 a product to a customer that did not exist.

Unsurprisingly, the launch campaign flopped, and after a few months of underwhelming sales, said brand manager was quietly culled. This is a common story across pretty much every major Nigerian consumer space.

AIRIS GEA N618 it might be a Nigerian car maker proudly announcing that its auto financing program enables people pay 25 percent of the list price of its N7 million vehicles, and then pay the remainder over 48 months. No matter that anyone with N1. Or it might be the rent financing startup that markets itself as the long-awaited solution to the problem of annual rental payments in Lagos, only to restrict its financing options to salary earners banking N, a month AIRIS GEA N618 above.

But, premium.

Because, you know,premium. In my previous column, I described the phenomenon of real estate developers attempting to gentrify entire districts of urban Nigeria without any of the upward wage pressure or high paying jobs that should ordinarily support such price movement.

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In a country suffering dangerously low economic growth, with at least half of its population numbering among the very poorest people in the world, luxury real estate is clearly not an industry with good growth prospects. But who will tell the developers?

Everyone is furiously committed to building, manufacturing and selling products to a class of aspirational, AIRIS GEA N618, cash-flush youthful, well-paid Nigerian consumers whose existence has never been proven. Where, pray tell, are they? I have never seen them. Have you?


So what do the numbers actually say? Depending on who you ask, we are anything from million people to million people.


Nigeria has never had a census — a real census that is, and not the exercise that mysteriously finds more people in Kano than Lagos, and reports greater population density in arid areas than around water, in defiance of all human settlement patterns AIRIS GEA N618 recorded history. Nigerian businesses need to define their market realistically.

Playing outside of this tiny market entails realistic pricing, packaging and branding.

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