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ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset Driver

Cool! You've just received your new Astro A40/A50 gaming headset. Before you can use it, you'll have to set it up first. To make setup easy, I've. Buy Online Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station For Xbox One ( Edition) Cash On Delivery and ship freely to Saudi Arabia: Riyadh, Jeddah. During E3, Astro Gaming brought out the A50 to demo to players and show them what this new headset will bring to the table. The A50 is a.


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ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset Driver

Thanks to the device's lightweight AstroIf the ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset cushions aren't your thing, you can purchase and swap in new ear cups and headbands, thanks to the A50's Mod Kit support, which Astro carried over from the lower-end Astro A40 TR.

Swapping out the parts was a breeze; the A50's ear cups attach and detach magnetically, and the headband simply needs to be popped ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset of a small groove at the top. Plenty of headsets promise all-day comfort, but the Astro A50 truly delivers it.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headset + Base Station for PlayStation 4 - Black

The pleather ear cups were very cozy and are better for ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset cancellation, but they weighed on me in a way that the feathery plush ones didn't. Based on the kits available for the A40, I'm hoping that the A50 eventually gets more mods, including game-specific ones.

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  • ASTRO Gaming Delivers Absolute Audio Immersion With New A50 Wireless Gaming Headset
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Audio Performance Featuring Dolby Headphone 7. The headset offers three EQ modes: Astro is the most balanced; Pro doubles down on bass and Studio seems to emphasize treble.

Astro Gaming A50 Wireless Headphones V3 Reviews and Ratings - TechSpot

All three modes are satisfying, although Studio occasionally overwhelmed me with the low end. I spent most of my time with the A50 while playing Titanfall 2, which made it incredibly easy to pinpoint the soft footsteps of enemy soldiers and the clackety stomps of rogue robots.


But the most important factor was the headsets comfortability, which was magnificent. Facebook Comments. However, you can also just use a spare micro USB cable if you have a spare lying around.

Also, there's an essential firmware update that fixes an issue with the A50s that causes an intermittent "pop" ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset the audio. If you purchased the A50s, make sure to download the update and install it. Design With great audio power comes a plus-sized headset; the Astro A50 is big and bulky, but still manages to be surprisingly comfortable.

Every piece of the headset that comes in contact with your head, meaning the earpieces and the underside of the headband, is covered in soft, foam-like cloth. ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset those that would rather not worry about keeping a device charged — or the secondary base required to use the headset with the PS4 — the G is probably your best bet. The G comes with a standard 3.

Comparison: Is Astro’s A50 gaming headset worth $200 more than Logitech’s G433?

Overall, I could certainly live with the cord. In fact, I sort of forgot about it entirely after a while.


Sound As sound goes, the A50 was again the winner. For many, that fussiness will be offset by its functionality: Astro envisions this tool as being helpful for everyone from live streamers to pro gamers. Opening the app reveals a slew of tabs, columns, and dials. The software is surprisingly fun to mess around with, with plenty of buttons to press and sliders to ASTRO Gaming A50 Headset.

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