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ADI TD-522N Driver

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ADI TD-522N Driver

September 18, 8K DOC

Westervelt, Director supported by: Either byte-interleaved or burst-mode operation can be sustained at transmission rates up to 70 kilobytesper-second. Interface control operations are supervised via the PDP-8 accumulator and interrupt facilities, while data transfer operations are directed via the three-cycle data break facility. The interface is attached directly to the channelcontrol unit interface cables which interconnect the IBM equipment and occupies one control unit position on the channel.

The equipment satisfies all ADI TD-522N equipment manufacturer's OEM specifications as described in ADI TD-522N following IBM publications: The interface itself is assembled in the bays immediately above ADI TD-522N test panel.

The Data Concentrator. C00 O. Figure ii.

The Test Panel of the Interface. Dan Pence transcribed the logical functions to DEC Flip-Chip technology and constructed the working documentation, consisting of logic diagrams and computer-generated punched-card wiring lists.

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Working from these wiring lists, the GardnerDenver Company of Grand Haven, Michigan, constructed the FlipChip mounting panels using automatic wire-wrap machinery. David Flower and Mr.

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  • ADI Systems Monitor Drivers Download
  • [On the history of skin infections and the ADI-TD].

Warren Kennison assembled the equipment in a most craftsmanlike fashion. The IBM company provided documentation which was invaluable in ADI TD-522N design of this equipment.

In particular, Mr. Les Bailey and Mr.

Dan Murphy, both of IBM, have contributed much useful advice. C oooooo System Reset This approach ADI TD-522N felt more fruitful in the face of heavy commitments to software support provided by the manufacturer.


Its pertinent features are as follows: The ADI TD-522N recognizes a class of device addresses that are assigned according to the conventions established by IBM. Recognition of command codes and generation of status responses are in most cases under the control of the resident PDP-8 control program. Several buffer registers isolate the two machines ADI TD-522N that the exchange of control and data information does not affect the timing of other control units that may be attached to the channel.

Both of these ADI TD-522N operate independently and in an overlapped fashion except at the channel interface circuitry itself, which is necessarily sequential in operation. All of these lines except one are simply looped through the interface and attached to the various bus drivers or receivers as required. Thus in off-line or power-down situations it is not necessary to physically reroute or switch these lines, but merely to ADI TD-522N off the bus drivers and receivers.


During off-line or power-down conditions the terminator, bus receiver, and driver are bypassed with ADI TD-522N relay. The interface lines and their nomenclature used throughout this document are summarized in Figure 1.

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Following is a brief description of the function of each of these lines. For greater ADI TD-522N, the reader is referred to the pertinent IBM publications.

A set of nine lines, including a parity line, which propagates outbound ADI TD-522N a byte at a time from the channel to all control units serviced by the channel. BUS IN.


ADI TD-522N A set of nine lines, including a parity line, which propagates inbound information a byte at a time from a selected control unit to the channel. Outbound Tagso ADI TD-522N lines: If ADR OUT is up, the channel is attempting to gain initial selection of a control unit in order to transmit a command byte. Inbound Tags.

ADI Systems Monitor Drivers Download

Three lines: Selection Controls. Seven lines controlling the seizure and sequencing of transmission operations between the channel and the ADI TD-522N unit. A signal propagated on this line is intercepted by a control unit depending upon its position along this loop, which in effect establishes its ADI TD-522N for channel service.

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