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Acer AcerView 7154s Driver

Install,Monitor\MS_ [Acer] %%=, Monitor\API s" s="AcerView s" s="AcerView s" is="AcerView is". Just IT Hardware has a large catalogue of Acer Parts such as E, NEW, N/A, N/A, acer e acerview 54e display yellowed, , RFQ · LZAM5. P AcerView 54e has no green color (red & blue are normal) upon powering P Acer s monitor is dead with just a fast flashing green led.


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Acer AcerView 7154s Driver

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The flyback Sampo FEA is probably faulty; it is a common failure in this chassis, and a faulty FBT can cause those components mentioned, Acer AcerView 7154s fail. Also, check the components off pin 8 of the FBT, as well, for possible damage. Changed HOT, fuse and Ru 4. Locate broken ground connections at the rail that goes around system control IC's U and U The rail is used as a ground jumper to connect the ground to the control buttons, solder the rail ground connections.

For more info trywww. Acerview ei monitor, replaced burned output transistor q and d, still no power and the power lamp is still blinking. I checked regulator q in the power supply, it Acer AcerView 7154s okay. I checked switching transformer in the power supply and found 80 volts in the primary and secondary no voltage, also no 5 volts in the regulator and no 12 volts. This should be available almost everywhere.

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Daytek DTD monitor is dead. D failed short circuit.

IC, R, R burnt. What are values for these components and did failure of D cause problem?

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Gateway ev monitor, picture is red, on screen menu prompt has all colors. Checked red, green and blue crt drive transistors ok.

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Green control on crt board has no function. Found problem with serial port on computer, all colors there when wire was wiggled, repaired Acer AcerView 7154s connections on card.

Sampo Alpha Scan monitor, will not light up, just ticks. Can this be the high voltage power supply?

If so Acer AcerView 7154s can I find this part, I've searched everywhere? If your everywhere includes the HOT, damper diode, fast rectifier diodes, diodes around the deflection circuit, no bulging or shorted capacitors, then I suggest that you check the flyback.

I have refurbished many Sampo flybacks before, they tend to have an open capacitor or Acer AcerView 7154s coil. To confirm, ring the flyback. You should get about 1.


Much more or much less, you have a problem. The minute I put it back it, blows the transistor.

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Also check H. The power supply keeps cycling power on and off or power led flashes on and off and power supply makes a clicking noise. I replaced blown hot, it tried to turn on for a second Acer AcerView 7154s still Acer AcerView 7154s power checked hot and still good. If any of R, R, R, R are burnt, the flyback is bad and must be replaced. Also check IC, if R is bad. I am not familiar with this model but very familiar with this symptom.

Firstly ring the flyback. If less than 1.

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Worked for awhile then fet shorted. Checked all resistors and diodes and replaced ic tda in the power supply. Try a FET of the original voltage. Mouser Electronics www. Acer AcerView 7154s

Micron FGx monitor HV9 chassis. Acerview 76e monitor.


Replaced shorted c and burned r and r, now the led comes on then goes out.

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