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Acer 751H Driver

The Acer Aspire One AOh is a newcomer that goes bigger--to inches. While that seems like the sweet-spot screen size for a portable PC (whether. The appeal of the new Aspire One h is not so much what this netbook adds to Acer's netbook line, although we do like its roomy inch screen and new. Acer One review. Acer Aspire One h. Share. product image. Coming Soon . Acer Aspire U Hands-on. Posted


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Acer 751H Driver

Acer Aspire One 751h Review

While unable to unseat the Toshiba NB 's top-rung hour battery life, the AOh is certainly good enough Acer 751H last you through the average day or extra-long flight. Beyond that big, bright screen, the Acer 751H is one of the other major selling points.

The oversize for the netbook universe buttons make Acer 751H a breeze to type. There's no space wasted on multimedia shortcut keys.

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As good as the keyboard is, the navigation control is another story. Netbooks have this Acer 751H and yang balancing act Acer 751H keyboard and touchpad--it seems they're always at odds with each other. You can shrink the keyboard to accommodate a comfy mousing zone, or plop down engorged buttons and all but give up on trying to navigate. With Acer's AOh, it's the latter.

The slim little mousebar button is so amazingly, frustratingly Acer 751H that Acer 751H had a hard time just pressing it. To make matters worse, it's indented. I found it almost impossible to hit the mouse button and get things done. You ever actually yell at a touch pad?


I did. I made do by tapping on the touchpad to replace the left click.

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Anecdotal Performance Even in our everyday usage, the h felt slow. When we dug into the Control Panel to find out what kind of Acer 751H it has, the h took a few seconds to catch up.

And when we opened Acer 751H Explorer while video chatting with a friend on Skype, the video dropped out for a few seconds, and again, a few seconds passed before the netbook could overlap these two windows. To put this in context, we timed a couple of everyday tasks against the Toshiba Acer 751H NB, which has a 1.


Whereas starting Internet Explorer took about one second for the h, it took Acer 751H than a second for the NB Opening the Control Panel, as we did earlier, and letting all the icons load, took 2 seconds with the h, and 1 Acer 751H with the NB In neither case is the performance unacceptable, but the NB was always faster, and, more Acer 751H, felt zippier on our testing. Graphics Like many other netbooks we've reviewed, the h uses Intel's integrated GMA graphics solution, with MB of shared memory.

As with the intensive multitasking test, netbooks never breeze through our graphics benchmarks, and the the AOh was no exception.

While the typical netbook scores on 3DMark03 and 96 on the more intensive 3DMark06, the h managed just and 86, respectively. Still, when Acer 751H played around in Google Earth we were able to fly to a house in Brooklyn, NY and to the British Museum in London without too many hiccups. Acer 751H, the flight was a bit bumpy, and it took a few seconds for the 3D buildings in New York City to load, but the experience didn't feel at all frustrating.

Then again, when we did a side-by-side comparison with the NB, flying to the Chrysler Building at the same time, we noticed that the NB arrived Acer 751H our destination first, and loaded the 3D buildings Acer 751H faster. As the seconds ticked away, the h was still working to render those buildings. Moreover, when we attempted to watch a p movie it sputtered along; we've experienced smooth results when doing this on other netbooks, and have even been able to output them to an HD monitor.


Storage Like other Acer 751H, the has a GB, 5, rpm hard drive. That's right in line with the netbook category average Battery Life and Wi-Fi The h has some tough competition in the battery life department: The h lasted 7 hours and 8 minutes on the LAPTOP battery test, which, while not Acer 751H long as the other netbooks listed, is still an impressive score; it beats the six-cell Acer 751H category average by almost 90 minutes.

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