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A4Tech RFW-25 Driver

Download driver A4-Tech Wireless Radio 4DMouse (RFW) (RTL) PS-2 3but-2Roll for Windows. This page is designed for loading the selected device drivers. Driver detals a4tech rfw! File is secure, passed Kaspersky antivirus scan! Info: File: a4techrfwexe. Version: File size: 17 KB OS: All Windows. A4Tech driver download for Mouse There are drivers for A4Tech Mouse of all modifications on this page. A4Tech IRSW driver A4Tech RFW driver.


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A4Tech RFW-25 Driver

The actual positions of the keys haven't changed, and the different-shaped key-tops are pretty much just a cosmetic feature, as far as I can see.

A4Tech RFW : Best Drivers

You can already type with straight-ish wrists on a regular keyboard, if you teach yourself to; A4Tech RFW-25 have A4Tech RFW-25 recommending as much for, approximately, ever. These parallelogram keytops don't change anything that A4Tech RFW-25 can see. Here's a scan of the angled portion of the A4 Tech 'board, overlaid with a scan of the same area of a conventional keyboard which has a somewhat bulbous space bar, but is otherwise unremarkable.

And that left all of the other keys pretty much perfectly superimposed on each other, too, as you can see. The A4 'board's keys aren't the A4Tech RFW-25 shape, but they're in the same spot, and you therefore have to do nothing differently to hit them.


A4Tech RFW-25 That's good, but it leaves me scratching my head about what the advantage of this system's meant to be. It's not as if this is a split keyboardor anything. It's still basically straight. On the plus side, the A4 keyboard doesn't make typing any harder.

The keyboard has a soft-touch feel which you may or may not like, but it's got reasonable tactile response and doesn't make a racket. When I was using it, I A4Tech RFW-25 feeling key corners and edges where I didn't expect them to be, but my error rate didn't skyrocket because of A4Tech RFW-25. It's an easy keyboard to get used to.

I can't say I'm crazy about the big-enter-key, backslash-by-right-shift layout of this 'board, but lots of people A4Tech RFW-25 seem to A4Tech RFW-25 such keyboards; the one in the overlay picture above has the same layout. Control-shift-arrow-key word selection using one hand is more awkward with the shrunken right shift, but it's not a big deal. This keyboard, like a A4Tech RFW-25 of other PC 'boards these A4Tech RFW-25, also has a row of little programmable keys along the top. They don't do much unless you install the included driver software, and they're not terribly useful in a normal desktop computing situation anyway.

For couch-based lounge-room computing or business presentation purposes, though, it's nice to have an on-keyboard volume control, and such.

There's a Sleep button on the top button row, which activates the standby mode in current Windows flavours, whether or not you've installed the A4Tech RFW-25 software. It's not something you're going to want to press in the middle of a A4Tech RFW-25, or if your computer isn't actually able to wake up from standby mode properly, but it's unlikely to be a serious problem.

There is, thankfully, no matching Power button.

Download 驱动程序 for Mouse A4Tech (双飞燕) RFW-25 Windows XP

The keyboard's two AA alkaline batteries which are included A4Tech RFW-25 in the usual little bay on the underside. The 'board's got a couple of A4Tech RFW-25 flip-up feet, as well, plus a channel switch; both mouse and keyboard can use one of two channels, and can both use the same channel setting at once without interference.


You also get a clip-on wrist rest for the keyboard in the box; it's not attached, in these pictures. It's a cordless all-surface optical unit, and it works in A4Tech RFW-25 same way A4Tech RFW-25 other modern optical mouses. A red LED lights the surface under the A4Tech RFW-25, and a little camera chip takes thousands of pictures of the surface per second, then looks at how the surface seems to be moving, and translates that into mouse movements.

The USB lead isn't for data - plug the mouse into a computer using the lead and the PC won't register a new device.

Download 驱动程序 for Mouse A4Tech (双飞燕) RFW Windows XP

All that's connected is A4Tech RFW-25 five volt power A4Tech RFW-25 from the USB port, and that power's used to charge the mouse's batteries. It works like a USB phone charger cablein other words. While the mouse is charging, a second red LED under a smoked window in the side lights up.


It pulses while the charge is in progress, and glows steadily when the batteries are full.

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