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3Com 3C16732 Driver

The Alert LED indicates excessive network use or a partitioned 10Base-T port. Manufacturer: 3COM (See more products from 3COM); Mfr. Part #: 3C; This. View and Download 3Com 3C user manual online. 3Com User Guide Switch 3C 3C Switch pdf manual download. Also for: Officeconnect. Download 3Com 3C Manual (Total Pages: 8) for free in PDF. Find more compatible manuals for your 3Com 3C Switch device.


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3Com 3C16732 Driver

A Segment is the length of cable connected to a port. Packets are the units of information your workstations and other equipment send to 3Com 3C16732 other over the network. A Frame is the data part of the packet and can be Unicast sent to a single deviceMulticast sent to multiple devicesor Broadcast sent to all devices.

3Com 3C16732 refers to the amount of network traffic the network can hold at any one time information capacity measured in bits per second bps. Workstations or applications that use the network heavily are referred to as using high bandwidth these are usually users who do a lot of graphical or multi-media work across the network. Fast Ethernet has 3Com 3C16732 higher bandwidth than Ethernet, so it can cope with larger amounts of traffic, which results in faster operation.

Ethernet is a type of 3Com 3C16732, referring to the technology used to pass information around the network. It operates at 10Mbps megabits per second. It operates at Mbps.

Full duplex operation allows information to be transmitted and received simultaneously and, in effect, doubles the potential 3Com 3C16732 of a link. Switching When a 3Com 3C16732 of repeater hubs is in operation, any information that is sent by the workstations is passed around the whole network regardless of the destination of the information which results in a lot of unnecessary traffic that can slow it down. It can then selectively pass on any information by transmitting the traffic from 3Com 3C16732 relevant port only 3Com 3C16732 of all ports like a repeater hub.

The switch effectively divides up your network, localizing the network traffic and passing on traffic as necessary as shown in the diagram.

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If you have workstations that communicate frequently in the same part of the network, traffic between them is not passed to the remainder of the network, reducing the load. If you have any high performance workstations that require a lot of bandwidth, connect them directly to the switch. Q One suitable TP cable for each hub. 3Com 3C16732 Connections To connect workstations or other equipment such as servers directly to your switch ports, you 3Com 3C16732 You also need a network operating system running on your workstations.


Your supplier should stock suitable cables. The maximum length you can use is m ft. If 3Com 3C16732 have both types of network, you can connect them using the switch so all your workstations 3Com 3C16732 communicate. Stick the feet to the marked areas at each corner of the underside of your switch. When installing your OfficeConnect switch, ensure: The four stacking clips are used for neatly and securely stacking your OfficeConnect units together.


You can stack up to four units. Small units must be stacked above large units. To 3Com 3C16732 your units, secure the clips on one side and 3Com 3C16732 on the other. Use the following method to secure one side: Your clips fit in these positions on the side of the unit: Q It is out of direct sunlight and away from sources of heat.

Q Cabling is away from power lines, fluorescent lighting fixtures, and sources of electrical 3Com 3C16732 such as radios, transmitters and broadband amplifiers. Q Q Water or moisture cannot enter the case of the unit.


Air flow around the unit and through the vents in the side of the 3Com 3C16732 is not restricted. We recommend you provide a minimum of 25mm 1in clearance.

3Com 3C Manuel d'utilisation Pages: 8

Wall Mounting the OfficeConnect Switch There are two slots on the underside of the OfficeConnect switch 3Com 3C16732 are used for wall 3Com 3C16732. You can mount the unit with the LEDs facing upwards or downwards, to suit your needs. When wall mounting the unit, ensure that it is within reach of the power outlet.

You need two suitable screws. Ensure that the wall you are going to use is smooth, flat, dry and sturdy.

3Com 3C16732 manuals

Make two screw holes which are mm 5. Use 3Com 3C16732 guide at the top of this page to mark the 3Com 3C16732 of the holes. Fix the screws into the wall, leaving their heads 3mm 0. Repeat this for the other clip position on the same side. 3Com 3C16732 any connections to the unit and locate it over the screw heads. When in line, gently push the unit on to the wall and move it downwards to secure.

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